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TUBIX exhibition at Madatech

TUBIX exhibition at Madatech

Tubix Exhibition was closed on April 30th, 2016


We are glad to present the world premiere of Tubix, a one of a kind exhibition established by MadaTech & The Aluminum Group. Tubix brings the visitors into the magical world of tubes, flow and secret passages, creating a wonderful combination of science, technology & art.

The new and original Tubix exhibition, created in Israel, offers a glimpse of the secret passages of life.


The new exhibition is based on integration between science and the internationally successful dance show “Aluminum”, created by the artist Ilan Azriel. “Aluminum” toured more than 20 countries. 

Tubix reveals the common ground between tubes in different aspects of life: water, electricity, information, nature, industry & the human body.

“Tubix” will appear at MadaTech during 8 months, starting July 12th, 2015. The exhibition is a special experience for the entire family, divided into different spaces, each representing a different aspect of the tube world.

Illusion Forrest - the world of growth: A whole forest built of wide tubes filled with light and sound. Come into a hypnotizing show of movement, senses and growth.


The Industry World - Ball Factory: a visit to an industrial world, illustrating the role of the tube as a sorter and transporter of different materials - an essential part of a production process. Take the balls and take part in this fun activity.


The Ocean of Information - Communication world: An endless amount of information surrounds our daily reality in the digital age. The Ocean of Information space Illustrates the virtual reality becoming a possibility thanks to tubes. Have a sit in the center of flowing information and experience the excitement of the kinetic tubes.


The Tubes of Life - The world of the living: every living body’s heart beat thanks to the tube structure. The Tubes of Life space incorporates music and art exhibits illustrating how tubes make life possible. In the world of the living at Tubix, the tubes are full of life and burst into an excited dance.


The flowing conveyor belt: It is time to get inside the tubes and feel how the tube that is wrapping you is keeping you safe and excited, with different devices installed on the tubes - cold, wind, water, friction and more.
While you are inside the tube lights and sounds will accompany you.