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The Water Wall

The Water Wall

Children love to play with waterl
On MadaTech's specially developed Water Wall, youngsters can play and experiment - interactively learning about the nature of water, its physical properties, how it flows and collects in vessels, and how it moves other objects.
Here young 'water engineers', aged 2-7 years, can build their very own waterways - combining channels and ducts, waterfalls and waterwheels, basins, cups, tubes, hoses and more - a II designed, developed and produced at MadaTech.
And the possibilities are as limitless as a child's imagination!


Water Wall
Size: made to order
Material: metal
Water source: upper pipe with apertures
Minimum water splashing

Types: tubes, hoses, ducts, waterwheels, scales, cups, barrels and more
Material:3D printed elements, magnet