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The Robotic World and The Robot Zoo

The Robotic World and The Robot Zoo


Over 320,000 have visited The Robotic world Exhibition, which closed in April 2011


Meet them in the Flesh
From the times of early science fiction books and films, where robotic vision played an integral part, to our days, an age where robots are functional in so many areas of life, robots were and are a source of inspiration for the future and a symbol for attempting to humanize the machine.
This summer it's your chance to come, meet and get impressed by up close and personal robots at The Robotic World – Madatech's robotic experience for the whole family.


More than Meets the Eye
At the heart of The Robotic World experience stands a successful international exhibition The Robot Zoo, a festive interactive zoological site for colorful robotic animals.
The Robot Zoo features a variety of spectacular and larger than life mechanical models of animals, such as chameleon, rhino, squid, fly and many more. Children and adults can get to know what animals are made of and find out how it moves, eats or hunts. The Robot Zoo allows visitors to watch the animals without the need to feed, clean after them or walk them three times a day. Here you everyone can touch, explore and enjoy interactive exhibits.




Meeting man's best mechanical friends
The Robotic World introduces state of the art human-like robots, developed also by the Technion Institute: Humanoids – robots in the image of humans and other mechanical friends:



Robot Nau – Nau is about 50 cms tall. He walks, talks, dances, picks up objects and charms the audience.

RoboThespian – a large, funny humanoid, communicating with the audience through a user's interface. He answers visitors' questions, imitates films and entertains visitors with his amusing facial expressions and rich body language.

Aibo – the cute robotic dog Aibo, man's best barking friend wags his tail, barks, plays, answers various commands and enjoys petting.


Meet Up with the Industry

The wide industry of robotics in Israel uses robots for agriculture, various industries and domestic uses. The Israeli Robotic Industry exhibition introduces unique Israeli innovative developments, as part of The Robotic World experience.


Interactive Drumming Robots

Visitors enjoy a celebration of rhythm and technology. A large and impressive drum kit senses the quantity and distance of the visitors and changes its rhythm and bit accordingly.