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The Neustadter Innovation Center

The Neustadter Innovation Center

The Neustadter Innovation Center

In order to improve our future we constantly have to keep carrying the curiosity torch. MadaTech's Innovation Center is a home to changing exhibitions that highlight to entrepreneurship, imagination, creativity, and themes overlooking a better future for human society.


The Center, which was opened for the public in April 2023, provides a unique museal experience through technologies containing interactive interfaces, mechanical apparatus specially built at the museum workshop, and a screening system - one of the most sophisticated in the world.
The Center is composed of 3 areas:

Past inventions - which were based on identifying a need, an idea, and product adoption by the society. Inventions and ideas that changed our life and survived economic conditions, politics, and with some luck, even competition. In this exhibition you can discover some of the most outstanding inventors.


past invention


Present inventions - here, the visitors can learn about entrepreneurship and innovation, and how each part of society, groups or individuals , contribute their share. The exhibit focuses on 5 themes: Art, Sustainability, Education, Technology and Community, and emphasizes how innovation is being reflected within each one of them. The visitors can also enjoy a quiz, reflecting the participant's 'super character'. 

Future inventions - featuring 5 topics: energy, food, water, quality of life, and waste management. The visitors are being exposed to innovative solutions that will improve our life in the future city

Further on, visitors can experience a journey inside the human body, projected in our immersive screening room,


future city

The Center focuses on technological based exhibitions dealing with entrepreneurship, imagination and experiential creativity, aimed to encourage and raise thoughts on the forthcoming future. It opens its gates with 2 attractive exhibitions : "The blood circulation" - an hypnotizing interactive journey in a surrounding innovative screening hall, accompanied with tailored sound into the human blood system.
This artistic-scientific experience allows us to reveal the constant powerful storm occurring in our body; billions of cells moving together in all directions, fast metabolism, the immune system oversees it all, and more


innovative screening hall


innovative screening hall


*Strollers are not allowed, we recommend you use a sling.