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The Gelfand Center

The Gelfand Center

A vast array of advanced educational programs

Specializing in informal education in a museum environment, MadaTech develops a broad selection of riveting educational programs, targeting youngsters of all ages - from preschoolers to high school students, as well as their teachers and educators. Programs are specially adapted by MadaTech's staff to address the various needs and/or requests of the different groups.

Targeting schools around the country, MadaTech's multifaceted, multi-session educational programs are offered in the modern facilities and advanced laboratories and demonstration rooms of the MadaTech Educational Center. Programs are designed to broaden the young participants' horizons in a variety of scientific and technological fields: physics, astrophysics, chemistry, the environment, robotics, genetics, electricity, encryption, road safety, internet, mathematics and medicine.

Additional programs for schools include special single-day science happenings on MadaTech's grounds, as well as mobile science labs, staffed by the Museum's educational teams, that bring science programs to young students in distant parts of the country.


Our educational programs, all supervised by Israel's Ministry of Education, include:
• Meaningful Experiences through Science Museums – a new program, conducted in collaboration with the Administration of Science & Technology at the Ministry of Education, aiming to enhance the official science curriculum taught at Israeli schools. Through this hands-on, experiential program, students acquire a better understanding of scientific principles, phenomena and processes. Currently benefiting 5,500 6th-8th graders from 170 schools in northern Israel, the program will be further expanded next year. 
• Enrichment for gifted students – focusing on science, math and the arts;
• Girls, Science & Technology – inviting young female students to experience science firsthand and meet women scientists and engineers;
• The MadaTech Class – featuring extracurricular content and a different kind of learning experience at MadaTech's special facilities;
• OlympiYeda – a national science competition – promoting excellence in science & technology;
• Age-appropriate programs that complement school curriculums – presenting five different spheres of content: Physics & Chemistry (materials & energy), Life Sciences (human genetics, health, behavior & quality of life), Earth & the Universe (astronomy, rocks & the weather) Environmental Science (ecological systems,  recycling & protecting the environment) and Technology (the manmade world, robotics & nanotechnology); 
• Mobile science labs – bringing experiential scientific instruction to schools around the country;
• My First Museum – introducing young children of preschool age to the world of museums, with topics such as light, colors & shadows, soap bubbles, the air around us, creating new materials, magnetism and gravity.
• Programs for teachers – including an annual sustainability conference and a range of seminars and advanced courses offered in collaboration with Israel's Ministries of Education and Environmental Protection, the Technion, the City of Haifa and other local authorities.