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Restoring the Historical North Garden

Restoring the Historical North Garden

Renewing a magnificent green asset at the heart of the city

MadaTech's main building today is the historical building of the Technion, designed by renowned German Jewish architect Alexander Baerwald, and completed in in 1914. The North Garden, incorporated into the building's original plan, and stretching along its magnificent façade, was once the flourishing Garden of the Technion.  For nearly a century it has been a dominant feature of the Hadar Neighborhood in Haifa. In 1986 the Garden area was officially annexed to the newly established MadaTech Museum.
Today the Garden serves as the main walkway connecting two of Hadar's busiest streets. Unfortunately, in recent years the Garden's condition has markedly deteriorated, and its users are no longer welcomed by a green gem of urban horticulture, as they were in the past.
At this time MadaTech wishes to restore the Historical North Garden to its former beauty, adding appropriate scientific and mathematical themes for the public's enrichment and enjoyment.
The project was compleated in March 2018 
earial photo of madatech north garden and building
Concept & Goals: old & new, science & beauty
MadaTech aims to transform the North Garden into an attractive, well-tended area at the entrance to the Museum, while preserving its historic purpose and role as a focal point in the community.
* Blending the historical with the modern
The North Garden's design will restore its original function as the formal entryway to the building. Paying tribute to the historical form, it will also incorporate modern themes associated with the Museum. Its symmetrical design, with four enclosures, a central water element, trees and vegetation, will be preserved, adding a beautiful green touch to the Museum’s entrance.
* Science-themed Garden
As the main entry point to Israel's National Museum of Science & Technology, the North Garden will feature a range of relevant scientific themes and technological elements.
* Ecology & sustainability
All additions to the Garden, including new trees and vegetation, will be carefully chosen to blend in with current greenery and existing elements - all in the spirit of conservation. The Garden will be irrigated in an environmentally friendly manner with runoff water collected in the building's unique reservoir - built over 75 years ago and still in use today. Bird feeders will be installed on trees, and covered trash cans will prevent littering throughout the Garden.
* Neighborhood green spot
The North Garden will be devised as an attractive community-oriented green space, situated at the heart of the Hadar Neighborhood. Its design will be adapted to the daily flow of pedestrians, both community members and visitors to MadaTech. Parking requirements will also be addressed - including parking spots for buses and pick-up and drop-off points. Abundant lighting fixtures will ensure the users' safety and convenience, comfortable benches will provide shaded resting spots, and ornamental water fountains will be added to please the eye. Residents and visitors alike will enjoy the beautiful design, decorative lighting and luscious green space - right in the middle of this bustling Haifa neighborhood.
* Attractive venue
The Garden will serve as an ideal venue for a range of outdoor events, such as: receptions, conventions, music performances, heritage and architectural tours, Scouts and youth movement activities and more.
  • Restoring the Historical North Garden
  • Restoring the Historical North Garden