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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of crowd is invited to visit MadaTech?
Curious people, any person that interested in how things work, why different phenomena occur, and similar questions will find the visit to MadaTech’s exhibitions very enjoyable and will also have fun taking part in different activities in the museum.


What age range is MadaTech suitable for?
Families with children of all ages are welcome to visit MadaTech. Toddlers will experience the exhibitions and exhibits in a different way than older children will. Young children will know how to receive the information and not only experience the display. Having that said, we believe the experience of visiting MadaTech is meaningful at all ages. Children can enjoy scientific phenomena and technologic applications even if they are young and are not yet able to understand the explanations entirely. There are a few exhibits that are not suitable for young children and are limited by age or height.
The visit at MadaTech is free for children under the age of 5.


What are the opening hours?
Check out the opening hours and prices page. We also advise you to keep updated before you plan to arrive.


What will I see at MadaTech?
At MadaTech you will find 20 permanent exhibitions which present hundreds of inviting interactive exhibits. During you visit at MadaTech you will not only see, but experience a meaningful learning experience combining fun and discovery. Our science park offers a different kind of experience out in the open with large exhibits.
Every year we have a main exhibition presenting a leading subject, offering special activities.


How do I purchase a ticket?
We recommend purchasing tickets in advance online (Hebrew only). It is also possible to order by phone: 04-8614444, extension 1. Another possibility is purchasing tickets at MadaTech’s box office when you arrive. Box office is open at the museums opening hours, and close half an hour before the museum closes.


Are there discount offers?
Yes, MadaTech works with the different credit companies, consumer clubs and internet sites which offer a verity of benefits.


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