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Fab-Lab Course Catalog

Fab-Lab Course Catalog

1. Introduction to modeling and 3D printing – 4 sessions – During this course we will learn how to design a 3D product and also produce it using 3D printing.


2. Introduction to designing and manufacturing using laser cutting – 3 sessions – During this course we will learn how to plan products using an illustration based technique, and how to produce it using a laser cutting machine or a computerized sticker cutter.


3. Introduction to scanning and 3D sculpturing – 3 sessions – During this course we will learn how to sculpture different 3D products using a computer, and producing them using a 3D printer.


4. Introduction to creating interactive products with Arduino – 5 session – an experiential acquaintance with the world of programming, through creating products which sense their environment using sensors and responding in the form of movement, light and more.


5. “3D on a larger scale” – Manufacturing large models using the slices method – 2 sessions – designing using a unique technique which allows creating models and products up to 1 meter for different purposes.


6. 3D technical modelling with OnShape – 3 sessions.


7. Art and design using laser cutting – “Pop-up” techniques – 4 sessions


8. Art and design laser cutting – connecting and slicing techniques.