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Digitali exhibition

Digitali exhibition

 'Digitali' - an interactive exhibition of technology, play, art and media.



The exhibition - original, new and interactive, offers a fascinating encounter between the virtual and physical world, dozens of exhibits that reveal to the visitors the digital world from a perspective they have not yet seen.


The exhibition was displayed at the  Fleet Science Center in San Diego and can be rented through EDG.
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In ‘digitali’ exhibition, visitors are invited to meet themselves through the digital world that surrounds us from all directions: to see vividly how they leave digital traces behind; How any movement in the virtual space, on the Internet, remains, is preserved and may affect other things; How our images are being stored in the history of the Web.

Visitors are invited to find out how they look to others on the Web and how they interact with them, how information about us is being collected - sometimes even without us noticing - and how it can affect us in the future.

The exhibition, colorful and experiential, is suitable for the whole family; Young children will be able to experiment with new technologies and surprising exhibits, but will learn and learn better through parental mediation. Adults will recognize parties that may not have thought of them in the digital world, and will be able to understand the deeper implications of our presence on the Internet

The exhibition includes a journey through over-sized exhibits in which the visitors themselves are the center of the experience:

  • A five-meter-long personal selfie, and family portraits where every member’s face is mixed together.

  • A magical labyrinth that preserves the details of the path left behind by the visitors.

  • Leave your ton-line racks on a huge screen

  • Wear costumes that try to confuse the computer.

  • And.. Visit a city that knows you from your web history, and shows you only what suits you.


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Our world is undergoing a transformation - from real and tangible, to on-line and virtual.

In the exhibition we will discover that the virtual world is as real as the material world, and its effect on our lives  grows from day to day.
Where would our lives be today without Facebook, Waze, Google or WhatsApp. How would our day-to-day look without the network, which shortens processes and offers access to  information, but also exposes us, adapts content and services to us without our consent, and follows us wherever we go.
Visitors to ‘Digitali’, young and old, will come out more aware of the significance and uses of the Internet, social networks and community information. And no less important, they will enjoy a spectacular, exciting and enjoyable visit experience.

המבוך בתערוכת דיגיטלי - מדעטק  עקבות דיגיטליים -  תערוכת דיגיטלי במדעטק  סלפי משפחתי עצום - תערוכת דיגיטלי במדעטק, קיץ 2018