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Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Birds were there first, but mankind was not far behind….


The amazing fact that birds can fly has been an inspiration to humanity.
Many attempts along history were made to beat the challenge of elevation and conquer the endless skies. However, mankind has yet to develop a machine that flies better than a bird.


Learning to Fly offers a journey through one of the greatest flight ventures on Earth – the bird’s twice-annual migration. It reveals the attempt of mankind to emulate birds' ingenious balance between two sets of forces; lift and weight, and thrust and drag.


So spread your wings and take a ride with the birds, as they face the challenges of navigation, energy supply and unexpected obstacles along their way. Watch the human quest for flying like birds and how they confront the same challenges and elevate above them.

Explore the wonders of flight with our 3D Smart Theatre and enjoy our special effects of scent, motion and sound effects that will create an unforgettable experience.