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A Matter of Chemistry

A Matter of Chemistry

It Makes Sense

Everything we are and everything we come in contact with during an average day is made out of chemicals. Chemistry is a sensual science. It involves all senses: it has a taste, a smell, a sound, a look and a feeling. In a sense This exhibition presents spectacular demonstrations, designed to capture the imagination. It strives to produce insights on the role and importance of fundamental principles of chemistry in every-day life.


Sense It

More than 25 interactive exhibits and learning paths were chosen carefully in order to address the interests of visitors of all ages. Among the exhibits are chemical reactions featuring change of color, smell and accumulative state.


Take a Deep Breath
A chemical procedure allows us to the ability to distinguish between different smells, and our sense of smell is enabled thanks to each individual's own private inner "lab". Discover different materials that can be identified by their own unique smell.
See the Light
The manner in which visible light interacts with an object or material is dependent upon the frequency of the light and the nature of the object's chemical structure. Light of certain frequencies can be selectively absorbed, emitted or reflected. View how different gases and solutions transmit different colors under different shades of light.
Stay in Touch
Watch how conductive solutions transmit electricity, feel how you can operate as an electrical conductor and create a battery with your own hands.
In Any Shape or Form
The simple interaction between soap and water molecules leads to bubble formation. These spheres of soap film filled with air are very fragile and light, and their shape is constructed in order to efficiently minimize the surface area needed.
Look at the different shapes; create a soap made curtain and find out how to insert a finger into it without bursting the bubbles.


More exhibits include liquid crystals, transforming their color when touched; an interactive periodic table, displaying chemical elements consisting different materials; a model of a distillation device, contributed by Shoshana and Itzhak Oref in memory of Prof. B.S Rabinovitch and many more amazing chemical procedures, showing how chemistry is an integral part of our lives.


Curator: Ofir Alon

  • A Matter of Chemistry
  • A Matter of Chemistry
  • A Matter of Chemistry
  • A Matter of Chemistry