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Visitor Information

All you need to know about a visit to the Madatech

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Important Information

* The entrance from 25 Shmaryahu Levin street is closed due to construction work,
therefore entrance is now from 12 Balfur street.


* Visitors who purchased tickets from an outer source (organizations, workers' committee, etc.) will need to
reserve a date and hour of arriving to the museum. Please call: 04-8614444

* Purchasing Cinematrix tickets on Saturdays and holidays is Conditional on purchasing tickets to the museum. The number
of seats is limited.

* The number of parking spots at our parking lot is limited and on busy days there is a possibility that there will not be any available parking spots. For your convenience, we advise you to use public transportation

* Google liquid galaxy and part of the park’s attractions are open to visitors only on Saturdays and holidays on curtain hours and are operated by an instructor only.

* Part of the park attractions, especially the Bo-Yo and the Center of Gravity Bicycle, will not be working on rainy days, also in hours without rain due to security concerns.



All parts of the museum are accessible to people with disabilities: in the main building there is an elevator and wide corridors which allow passing between the different exhibitions.
Noble Energy Science Park - The Park is equipped with ramps suitable for wheelchairs. The park is surrounded with bypass trails which allow visitors to reach all parts of the park. It should be noted that not all attractions are accessible (the Bo-yo and the center of gravity bicycles).
The Cinematrix entrance, exhibitions main lobby and the Fab-Lab are equipped with wheelchair lifts, located near the staircases.


Important Notes
We make an effort to keep the information on our site updated. However, it is possible that changes have been made and the site is not updated accordingly.
We advise visitors to keep updated before their arrival and be sure to order ticket for the Cinematrix at least one day in advance, by calling: 04-8614444.

E&OE: In a case of contradiction between the information on the website and the box office, the information at the box office is considered the most accurate.