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Madatech, National Museum of Science Technology and Space, Haifa

Madatech, National Museum of Science Technology and Space, Haifa, is Israel's largest science museum.

Madatech runs from the Israeli public outreach mission fields of science and technology in a hands-and fun. Madatech activity center are exhibitions. More than 20 permanent exhibitions, science park and guest exhibitions, all fields of science and technology. Most exhibits and interactive exhibitions activists and invite visitors to touch, play, experiment and experience scientific facts, principles of technological and interesting effects on a variety of topics.
Besides hosting a crowd of families during the holidays, Saturdays and holidays, Madatech host organized groups from the school system, the IDF and other factors, activities and exhibitions and demonstrations in the center of the largest laboratories, Olmo demo contains sophisticated laboratories equipped and personal experience in a variety of scientific activities.


Madatech is located in the historical complex of the Technion, in Hadar and spread over a campus wide, 28 acres, surrounding the kindergarten north, which is about the palm tree planted by Albert Einstein during his visit to Israel in 1923, the Technion building in the beautiful historical, yard campus is located in Park Noble Energy the science, and later building temporary exhibitions, Hsinmtrix and the great laboratories division Madatech education. In the northern part of the campus parking is offered to visitors, and the building of the former Bosmat school's workshop is located Madatech.